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John Horan has been training dogs since he was a young child. He was the neighborhood kid who took off his belt, tied it around a stray dog and led him home—only to explain to his parents that this poor dog followed him home, and we had to keep him!

John started training seriously in 1984 when he got Kaiser, his first German Shepherd, from Olympia Kennels. In 1992, he began to compete in the sport of Schutzhund. He is now a National Level Competitor in that sport, and has traveled all over the USA training with the best of the best and competing in local, regional and national events. In the fall of 2011, John and his German Shepherd dog Cholo competed in Rheine, Germany, as part of the United States World Team for Schutzhund. A large part of John’s life has been about learning—and then teaching others—how to form a highly rewarding relationship with a dog, based on mutual respect.

Advanced Canine Training offers all levels of training and behavior modification—from basic socialization and obedience to curbing destructive, fearful or aggressive behaviors.

Please contact John to personalize a training program for you and your dog. 

​​John Horan, Owner/Trainer


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