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John Horan with Ronny Van Den Berghe 

5x WUSV World Champion

​​2011 USA FCI World Championship Team

Rheine, Germany

John Horan

with Cholo del Valle de la Luna

Handler Owner Trained


11/04/2011 USCA German Shepherd Nationals 95-91-93

9/16/2011  New England Regional Championship 92-96-92 
3rd Place
9/08/2011  FCI-WM-IPO World Championship, Rheine,
Germany USA Team Member
6/04/2011 WUSV  World Qualifier Verona KY, 99 point tracking, World  Team member
5/13/2011  Working Dog Championship Davernport, Iowa
96-90-95 4th Place Qualify for WUSV World Championship Qualifier
11/05/2010  USA Nationals, Reno, NV 100 point tracking.
08/28/2010  Southern New Hampshire Working Dog
Club Trial, High Schutzhund 3, High in Trial 98 tracking
4/22/2010  Working Dog Championship, 96 tracking
10/31/2009  O.G. Boston Fall Trial,  High  Tracking 96, 
High Schutzhund 3
10/24/2009  Outkast Schutzhund Club Fall Trial, High in Tracking 97 points, High Schutzhund 2
11/23/2008  Rottweiler Club of Ct Fall Trial, 99-93-88 
High Schutzhund 1

2011 FCI World Team, Rheine, Germany

John Horan with Alex Elibra

This is John's up and coming competition dog Alex. Watch their progress as we post new photos and videos on the "photos and videos" page as well as facebook.

Ron Mattana

with Quai Vom Osterfeld


The 2012 New England Regional Champion!

9/23/2012   New England Regional Champion 91-92-93

6/02/2012   Inner City Working Dog Club Trial, High Obedience, High Tracking, High Protection, High IPO 3,
High in Trial

04/12/2012 OG Bad Wildungen Sch. Club, Germany, High IPO 3, High Obedience, High in Trial

11/04/2011 USCA German Shepherd Nationals 82-90-94
09/16/2011   New England Regional Championship  High Obedience 96,  High Protection 96,  278pts  (fourth place)
06/04/2011     Inner City Spring Trial  High Obedience 96 , High Protection 96  278pts.
10/02/2010  Inner City Fall Trial, Wrentham, MA   High Sch 1,  275pts.




"The training I have received while working with John Horan has been

exceptional. His personal successes on the Schutzhund field are well
documented. He is intuitively able to understand a dog, and what training

method would be right for that particular dog, to make it the best it can be.
He is very dedicated to the sport and will do whatever is necessary to make 

a dog handler team successful. Under John’s coaching, I have been able to 
compete at the highest level, which at one time was only a dream. I have 
competed in Germany and other high-level trials in the United States. 

I received my present dog, Quai, at 33-months-old with no titles. Within only 33 months—and with John’s coaching—Quai has gone from his first BH title to nine times Schutzhund /IPO 3 and current 2012 New England Regionals Champion.  I am entirely grateful for John’s friendship, mentoring and contribution to the sport."

Ron Mattana

Wayne Tartaglia
Gunner Red Dog (Doberman)

​09/2012   United Doberman Club Nationals, Kentucky 4th place

6/08/2012   IPO 3 to become the 9th Doberman in US history to be both IPO 3 and an AKC show champion

10/22/2011 Inner City Schutzhund Trial Schutzhund 2,

95 tracking

10/02/2011 Inner City Schutzhund 1

                                                                                   "I started training my Doberman, Gunnar, in the sport of

                                                                                   Schutzhund about 3 years ago. I was discouraged by others in the

                                                                                   training group and told, "he probably won't go too far" in the sport. 

Luckily—about eighteen months ago—I  began training with John Horan. Through his expert knowledge, guidance and patience, Gunnar and I are now proud members of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Shutzhund 3 Club. Gunnar is currently one of only nine Doberman Pinschers in the United States to have achieved both AKC Show Champion and USCA Schutzhund 3!  (So much for not "going far" in the sport!)

We certainly couldn't have done it without John! Gunnar and I  continue to train with him—and I recommend John to all my friends in the Schutzhund community."

Wayne Tartaglia

​Doreen Tierney with


10/22/2011 Inner City Fall Trial Schutzhund 2,

98-73-81 High Tracking, High Scutzhund 2

​10/02/2010 Schutzhund 1 90-70-84 

06/2009    BH

Doreen Tierney with

Zadie Von Olympia

10/22/2011    BH

"My German Shepherd, Nico, and I have been training with John for the past 6 years. Nico is my first dog and when we began working with John I was a novice in the sport of Schutzhund. Nico is a showline shepherd rather than a working line shepherd. Many trainers thought that would limit his ability to advance further than a BH title. John believed in me and Nico and due to his endless

hours and patience we were able to successfully achieve a Schutzhund 2 title."

Nico had major back surgery in May, but it is still my hope that with John’s continued support and Nico’s recovery, we will be able to continue to compete in Schutzhund.  In the meantime, I have a 2-year-old daughter from John’s IPO3 dog Cholo. We  are training together with John, and her progress already looks promising—she has many of her fathers traits. She’s already achieved her BH title. With John’s training expertise, we will be able to continue with the rest 

of her Schutzhund titles next year!

I am so lucky to have such a supportive and positive trainer to work with me and my dogs!"

Doreen Tierney

Doug Gonzaga with


11/10/2012   BH​

"I’m so pleased to train with the members of the Inner City Schutzhund Club—and work under the guidance of head trainer,  John Horan. Without John’s guidance, Fin and I would not have achieved our BH this past weekend. 

John is amazing. It didn’t matter how many questions I asked, how many concerns I had, or how many tracking videos I asked him to review—he always found the time for me, on and off the field. 

With John’s continued support, I’m sure 2013 will be another successful year for Fin and me, as well as the club members. Thank you John!"

Doug Gonzaga

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